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Unprotected Sex, Part 1: Lots of questions about unprotected sex?

If you are here on this page, maybe you just had unplanned and unprotected sex.

  • Maybe the condom broke.
  • Maybe you didn’t choose to have sex.

The condom broke. Could I be pregnant?

  • Yes, you could. But you may not be.
  • At home pregnancy tests may begin to show positive as early as 10 days after the condom broke.
  • If you get a negative test, try again 14 days after the breakage.
  • At home pregnancy tests are available in pharmacies and grocery stores for $6-$10.

If you want help calculating the best time to start testing, one of our staff members can help you.  Our services are provided at no cost to you.

Can I get pregnant from having unprotected sex once

  • Yes.
  • Pregnancy doesn’t always result from the first unprotected encounter.
  • We have more information on pregnancy tests, the timing of pregnancy testshow soon you can find out if you are pregnant, or a discussion on getting pregnant after having sex just one time.
  • If one of these blog posts doesn’t provide the information you are looking for, call us at 907-337-9292.

How many times can I have unprotected sex without getting pregnant?  

  • Between zero and infinity.
  • Some people get pregnant after having unprotected sex just one time.
  • For average couples having unprotected sex, 85% will be pregnant after one year.  46 
  • If you do not want to be pregnant, and you don’t want to pick up an STI,  unprotected sex is not your best choice.

If you had sex against your will, please talk to someone about it.  Here in Anchorage, contact (STAR) Stand Together Against Rape or call (907) 276-7273 or reach out to AWAIC (Abused Women’s Aid In Crisis) or call (907) 272-0100.

If you would like a no-cost pregnancy test, or no-cost limited STI testing for infections, please contact us for an appointment. 

If you don’t live in Alaska, will help you find a free pregnancy test in your town.

Are you unsure what your next steps should be – we are here for you!