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Free Pregnancy Test! (are they really free?)

Can I really get a free pregnancy test? And a free ultrasound? Even without insurance? Yes! All of our services at Community Pregnancy Center are free of charge.  We offer free pregnancy tests, free first trimester ultrasounds, free Verification of Pregnancy forms, and free Life Lessons (prenatal information, parenting classes and so much more!). We do not ask for or need to see your insurance information or your ID.

How do we offer these things for free?

Who pays for it? A whole bunch of very nice people in the Anchorage area provide 100% of our funding.  They contribute because they are community-minded people who want to be sure that anyone who wants to be a parent gets the help they need.

How do I pay for maternity care after the first free ultrasound?

Here at CPC our free medical services only cover the pregnancy test and one ultrasound.  You will then need prenatal care from a physician or midwife, as well a plan for delivering your baby in a hospital or birthing center.  In Anchorage, there are some great financial resources for pregnant couples such as insurance, Medicaid, Denali Kid Care and local, low-cost clinics that offer payment plans.  When you come in for your free pregnancy test or your first trimester ultrasound, your nurse will ask you about your financial situation and give you any information you need to start figuring out the finances.  You may also ask for a free Verification of Pregnancy form that you will need if you choose to apply for Medicaid or Denali Kid Care.

Can I also get free diapers or a car seat for my baby?

No, you actually have to “earn” those things. But they won’t cost you money.  If you invest a little time and effort watching a weekly 20-minute on-line video and answering some questions, you can earn points to spend in our Mini-Depot baby “store”.  The points are earned in our Life Lessons programThis program is available for moms and dads. One of you, or both of you can be learning and earning points to get those diapers, a car seat, or other baby items.  Contact us today to get signed up for Life Lessons.

If you would like some help to navigate the financial aspect of pregnancy, make an appointment to see one of our staff members.  If you don’t live in Anchorage, the website will help you find a pregnancy resource center near you.

Come in and get a free pregnancy test and learn about our resources!