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Have you gotten all the facts about adoption? We can help you educate yourself about the facts and myths surrounding adoption, so that you can decide whether it's a good option for you.

Adoption Information

Regardless of the parenting option you choose, investigating adoption is a brave, mature, and responsible decision. You can take your time: Exploring adoption requires no commitment, and you have your whole pregnancy to think about it. Birth parents are completely in control of the adoption plan they make, and can choose how much contact they want to have with the child.

If you decide adoption is the right option for you, we can help you make an adoption plan. Usually women choose between three types: open adoption, partially open adoption, or confidential adoption. Explore the basic facts below, and then call us for answers to your questions.

01. Open

Not only can you choose your child’s family, you can also communicate directly with them about your child through letters, pictures, and possibly even phone calls or visits. Your child will grow up knowing who you are.

02. Partially Open

You can choose the type of family your child grows up in. You may also choose to learn how your child is doing through pictures or letters that the adoption agency or lawyer shares with you. You usually will not know your child’s full name or location.

03. Confidential

If you decide that you do not want contact with your child later, the adoption agency or lawyer will choose your baby’s new family. You and the family won’t know any details about each other’s identity, but the agency may share medical information that will help the family care for your child.

A loving option

There are a number of myths surrounding adoption. As you are considering this choice, it’s important to know that children whose birth-parents choose adoption know that they are wanted–first by the mom who gave them life, and also by their adoptive family.

Here are some good questions to think about and discuss with one of our staff members:

  • What would be an ideal home for my child?
  • What do I want to provide for my child?
  • Have I talked to a pregnancy coach to learn about adoption and counseling services available to me?
  • Do I know about other services and resources available to me and my child?
  • Do I know the facts about adoption?

You are not alone

If you decide adoption is the best option for you, we are here to assist you. We can help you educate yourself on the adoption process, and help you make an adoption plan.

We can also support you with free pregnancy classes and maternity items. Our Earn While You Learn program is a way for you to build a customized curriculum for yourself, together with a trusted coach. We offer individual sessions and group classes tailored to women and men.

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