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Thinking about making an adoption plan? Learn about adoption and the types of adoptions available to you.

Placing a child for adoption is one of the most loving, selfless choices a person can make, and empowers you to meet your goals.

Researching adoption is a brave, mature, and responsible decision. You can take your time. Exploring this option requires no commitment, and you have your entire pregnancy to think about it.

You are in complete control of what adoptive family your child will grow up in. Depending on the type of adoption you choose, you and the adoptive family will determine how much contact you will have with your child. (13)

Questions to Consider

What is adoption?

Adoption is not “giving up your child.” It is the legal process by which your parental rights and responsibilities are transferred to an adoptive parent or set of parents. It is not abandonment. Adoption is a loving plan that you can make to give your baby the security and benefits of a permanent family.

How much control will I have in the adoption process?

Birth parents (you & the father of the baby) are in control of the adoption plan.  Usually, you will choose between three types of adoption, depending on how much contact you want to have in the future with your child. (14)

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Can I be apart of my child's life as they grow up?

Yes! You don’t have to miss out. With open or partially open adoption, you can receive pictures and letters or even visits from your child – all while pursuing your own goals and dreams.

How do adopted children usually turn out?

Studies have indicated that adopted children are better positioned economically, academically, and emotionally than those children raised in foster care or by biological parents who are not able to care for them. (15) Parents report, 92% of adopted children have positive feelings about their adoption. (16)

At what point in pregnancy do I have to make up my mind?

You can take your time. Exploring adoption requires no commitments. In most states adoption cannot be legally finalized until after the baby is born. (14) Throughout the adoption process be sure to weigh out all of your options. CPC is here to talk with you and can provide a referral for an adoption agency.

What happens when I contact an adoption agency?

Contacting an adoption agency does not mean you have to know whether you are definitely making an adoption plan or not. You are just gathering information and trying to understand the process.

If you choose to make an adoption plan, someone will walk side by side with you through the process. They will help you navigate through decisions like choosing a family, the birth father’s role, legal terminology and paperwork, delivery plans, openness agreement with the adoptive family, and post-adoption support. (17)

Types of Adoption

Will my child know who I am? That’s up to you. You can choose how much contact, if any, you would like to have with your child and the adoptive parents by choosing the type of adoption.

01. Open

Not only can you choose your child’s family, you can also communicate directly with them about your child through letters, pictures and possibly even phone calls or visits.  Your child will grow up knowing who you are. (18)

02. Partially Open

You can choose the type of family your child grows up in.  You may learn how your child is doing through pictures and letters that the adoption agency or lawyer share with you.  You usually will not know your child’s full name or location. (18)

03. Confidential

If you decide that you do not want contact with your child while they are growing up, the adoption agency or lawyer will choose your baby’s adoptive family.  You and the family won’t know any details about each other’s identity, but the agency may share medical information that will help the family care for your child. (18)

A loving option

We can help take the mystery out of adoption so you can decide if it might be the right choice for you. There are a number of myths surrounding adoption. As you are considering this choice, it’s important to know that children whose birth parents choose adoption know that they are wanted, first by the mom who gave them life, and also by their adoptive family.

Know you are not alone.

We are here for you and we would love to give you more information on adoption and point you to resources that can help you with your decision and adoption plan.

CPC is not an adoption agency and we personally do not facilitate adoptions.

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Thinking about making an adoption plan? Learn about adoption and the types of adoptions available to you.


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