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Parenting Resources

No matter who you are, mom or dad, single or in a relationship, young or old, CPC is here to provide support through our Life Lessons Parenting Program. Parenting is full of unknowns and firsts. And babies do not come with instructions. CPC’s Momhood and Dadhood parenting programs are here to help you gain knowledge and skills to prepare you for parenthood. In addition to great information, you can earn Baby Bucks to spend in our Maternity & Baby Store, the Mini Depot. 

Life Lessons Classes

CPC offers over 225 Life Lesson classes with a variety of parenting and prenatal classes which are designed to help make life easier for moms, dads, and their babies. Our Momhood & Dadhood programs provide useful information on everything from prenatal care and preparing for birth to caring for a toddler, and everything in between.


Moms have the opportunity to earn Baby Bucks by streaming any Life Lessons class at home or on the road. With our streaming program they are delivered directly to your phone or tablet. They also meet monthly with a Momhood mentor who will offer support and insight during their journey to Momhood and time to shop in the Mini Depot, our Baby store.

African American pregnant Couple sitting on a bench


Dads meet one-on-one with a Dadhood coach where they develop a relationship and work closely together to discover what it’s like to be a dad. Along with offering support and insight during their journey to Dadhood. They also have to the opportunity to take classes from our Life Lessons parenting program, earn Baby Bucks, and shop in the Mini Depot, our Baby store.

Pregnant woman smiling and holding their pregnant belly

Life Lessons Topics

Our Life Lesson categories are listed below.

  • Pregnancy/Birth
  • First Year
  • Toddler
  • Parenting
  • Co-parenting
  • Fatherhood
  • Life Skills
  • Special Circumstances
  • Positive Partnerships
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Mini Depot

Through our Life Lessons parenting and prenatal classes, both moms and dads earn Baby Bucks to spend in the Mini Depot. We have variety of items you can buy with your Baby Bucks:

  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Strollers
  • Pack-n-play & Play yards
  • Baby and Maternity Clothing
  • New car seats

Remember, parenting does not have to be done alone.

CPC is here to give you support as you walk the road of parenthood.