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Are you a student?

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Are you a student? 
If you are a student and facing an unplanned pregnancy, you may feel alone. There are many unique questions in your situation, and we are here for you. We would love to serve you and help you answer those questions as we point you to resources around the Anchorage area.

How CPC can help pregnant students?

At CPC we offer confidential services and resources to serve and support students facing unexpected pregnancies at no cost to you.

Our services include:

If you are interested in learning more about our services or scheduling an appointment, make an appointment. All of our services are free to you.

I’m worried about how my pregnancy will affect my education

We at CPC want you to succeed at both parenting and finishing your education. It may take work, but we know you can do it!  Whether you are in high school or college, we can share resources with you to help you accomplish your educational goals while being pregnant.

How do I tell my parents?

At CPC, everything we do is confidential, but we encourage you to talk with your parents.  We can help guide you in what is the best and safest way to tell your parents. If you are more comfortable, our staff can help you through the process or even facilitate the conversation between you and your parents.

You are NOT alone!

CPC is here to give you support and help look at all of your options with you.