You have options

Equip yourself

A surprise pregnancy can feel overwhelming. Many women and couples find it empowering to understand all their options before making a final decision.

Know your options

Abortion, parenting, and adoption are all options people choose when surprised by a pregnancy. Regardless of which option you are leaning toward, we will offer confidential care without judgment.

We understand that each pregnancy option comes with long-term consequences. Take your time and explore the facts here, then contact us to get answers to your questions. Our staff members have helped thousands of women and couples in the Anchorage area make decisions they are proud of today.

No pressure. No obligation. And we’ll never profit from your decision.


We can get you all the facts and help you make a fully informed decision. Here's what you need to know about the procedure, and our pre-abortion check list.

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Is parenting a realistic option for you? Our consultations are a safe way to educate yourself about options like co-parenting, married parenting, and single parenting.

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We can help you learn the facts about adoption as you decide if it is a good option for you. We aren't connected with any adoption agency and do not profit from your decision.

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