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How to budget while eating for two!

Budgeting while you’re pregnant can be difficult. Most women change how they eat when they find out they are pregnant. Pregnant women are more likely to make healthy eating choices than women in any other stage of life.34  Does that describe you? Are you pregnant and trying to make healthier choices for you and your growing baby? Good for you!  And good for baby! But…. Do you feel like it is costing you more money to be healthy?  Learning how to eat on a budget while your pregnant can be expensive. Here are some ideas and resources to help you and baby get the most nutrition out of the least amount of money.

Start your journey with a healthy and budget friendly trip to the grocery store using the tips in this 2 page brochure from the Department of Agriculture and SNAP.

Some tips for when you go shopping:

  • Before shopping
    • Make a plan, a menu or a list
    • Check online for the weekly sales flyer and if needed, sign up for the store’s loyalty program to get special deals.
  • During Shopping
    • Have a snack BEFORE shopping
    • Try buying some of the store brand products
    • Read the unit pricing labels on the shelves to figure out what is a good deal
  • After shopping
    • Store your food right away to prevent spoiling
    • Use the most perishable items first

And, before you ask “Is there a YouTube on that?” Yes, there is! Lisa Bryan at Downshiftology spends the first 6 or 7 minutes of this video giving you some grocery tips.  Or try this one by personal financial blogger Valencia, at the Broken Wallet.

Discovering Unit Price vs. Price of Item

“Bigger isn’t always better” reminds LeeAnn from SNAP-ed.   It is always hard to know if you should buy the extra-large box of cereal for $4.79 or the medium box for $3.79.  Which one is actually the best deal? LeeAnn has a great 4-minute video lesson on how to read those unit pricing labels on the store shelves.

In this example, she highlights the “unit price” per pound of these beans.  She has several examples on the video and you will be reading labels and saving money on your very next grocery store trip.

Price per unit shopping

Best Buy Dates? What does this mean?

Sometimes there are special sales on items that are about to expire, such as milk and other dairy products.  I have always wondered if those things were okay to eat. Here is an excellent article that explains what those dates mean and help you to figure out if it will be okay to buy those discounted items.  The article explains that “Foods not exhibiting signs of spoilage should be wholesome and may be sold, purchased, donated and consumed beyond the labeled “Best if Used By” date.” Next time I see a gallon milk discounted and I think I can drink it in the next few days, I’m planning to buy it!

Wondering how to stay on budget when hosting a party?

Do you have a family party or holiday party coming up?  If you are wondering how to stick to your budget and still have friends and family over to visit, these economical party ideas and recipes might be just what you need.

The recipes include simple, economical items that you probably have in your pantry already, or that might be on special this week for the week of a holiday like Memorial, July 4th or Labor day.  If you are reading this at another time of year, simply click on each month to see recipes for that season and its holidays.

If you are looking for some economical recipes to try, check out a few of these.  These sites have lots of recipes, so take some time to scroll around.

For information on healthy eating in pregnancy, eating for two or feeding your toddler, call us  today to sign up for our Life Lessons program!