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Will you tell my parents?

Quick answer – NO. We will not tell your parents if you come to CPC for a pregnancy test. Keeping things private is important as you sort out your thoughts over an unplanned pregnancy. We take several steps to ensure your confidentiality is maintained.

How do we protect your privacy?

  • Alaska law does not require parents to be notified when pregnancy services are provided to a minor. We are more than happy to include your parents in every visit to our center, but if you aren’t ready to tell your parents, we understand and respect your privacy.
  • No insurance needed. All of our services are free of charge, so there won’t be any insurance bills or medical bills to explain to your parents.
  • No ID required. There is no need to show us your ID, or even to give us your mailing address.  Your cell phone number is helpful so we can send you paperwork electronically, but there are ways around it if it makes you uncomfortable.
  • No payment. Our services really are free, so no credit or debit card charges will show up on your bank statement, and you don’t need to take a withdrawal from your college savings account to see us.
  • Nothing sent home with you unless you request it. We have lots of information about pregnancy and female health but it might cause a few questions if you bring home a booklet about pregnancy and leave it on the coffee table! Let us know when you are ready to accept these resources.  Until then, you get sent home with a smile and an invitation to come back when you are ready for more.

What services do we provide?

We provide free pregnancy tests, free first trimester ultrasounds, and Life Lessons (parenting classes and prenatal classes).

Can I bring someone with me? Yes, please do. Bring your partner, your friend, your cousin, your mother….  We want you to have as much support as possible as you gather information about pregnancy options.  The nurse will speak with you alone first to verify that you do want the visitor to be in the room with you.  If you bring more than one person with you, the nurse may have some wait in the waiting room for parts of the visit due to lack of space.

Do I have to tell my boyfriend? No.  And we won’t either.  Even if someone calls to ask if you have been here, we won’t confirm or deny it.  If your partner or boyfriend is unsure about what to do, we have guys available to meet with him and discuss the options. Have him give us a call.  Becoming a dad can sound scary, but a man-to-man talk might be just what he needs right now.  

I want to tell my parents, but I don’t know how.  If this is a concern for you, we will help you work out a plan, including possible ways to tell them.  Most parents overcome their initial shock quite quickly and become supportive. 

I think my parents will be mad/kick me out.  This is rare.  As mentioned above, most parents become supportive quite quickly, although it may take a day or two for emotions to settle down.  If you do find yourself in a difficult situation, give us a call so we can connect you with community resources. We also have some information on schooling and pregnancy that may be helpful if you are still a student.

Don’t live in Alaska? has 24/7 chat options and a link to help you find a pregnancy resource center near you.    

We are here to confirm your pregnancy and to offer support. Make an appointment TODAY!