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What adoption type is right for me?

Today adoption does not have the stigma that it once did.  Whether you are a birth mom placing your child with another family, or you are adopted yourself, adoption is an accepted part of culture.  In years past, a birth mom would “give up” her child at birth and oftentimes never touch or see her child again, let alone know how they were doing in the future. Now a birth mom has choices and she can choose the type of adoption that best fits her and her baby.  She can choose the family to place her birth child with, how that hand-off will take place, and she can choose how much contact she wants with her child and the adoptive family.

We know you love your baby, and you want what is best for them.  You have hopes and dreams for their life, but you also have your own goals. While it is common to hear people talk about “giving a baby up” for adoption, the choice of adoption is not “giving up.” It is a sacrifice of love that you make for your child. Adoption is a brave decision, and it comes from a place of love.  Adoption is making a good and loving plan to give your baby the security and benefits of a permanent family.

We have gathered a variety of resources for you to examine. Use the links below to gather information about adoption as an option for your child.

Visit our adoption page to learn more how CPC can help you and to gather information. Do you still have questions? Check out this frequently asked questions about adoption on the Brave Love website.

We also wanted to give you resources that are specific to Alaska. Visit the links below to learn how adoption works in Alaska.

Feel free to give Alaska Adoptive Services a call or visit their website to learn more about the adoption process. Contact information may be found on their website.

This website allows you to hear from actual women who have placed their children for adoption

We also wanted to give you a link to adoption agencies in the lower 48

Contact CPC to see how we can help you. And visit our adoption page to learn more.