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We offer a variety of free services aimed to help equip you to navigate the challenges and emotions of pregnancy. We are here to support you and walk with you, from the moment you find out you’re pregnant and onward.

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Options Counseling
Considering termination?

A potential pregnancy can leave you feeling overwhelmed. Although we don’t provide or refer for abortion, we can give you all the information you need to make an informed choice.

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Pregnancy Tests
At no cost to you

If you’ve been sexually active and missed a period, we’re here to help. We offer free pregnancy tests, and can give you a pregnancy verification you can give your doctor’s office or other agencies.

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Limited, first trimester

If you have a positive test at the center, we can schedule an ultrasound to help you establish whether or not it’s a viable pregnancy, and how far along you are. All ultrasounds are performed by licensed nurses.

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Adoption Information
Unsure of your future?

Adoption, along with parenting and abortion, is an option many people make use of when faced with an unplanned pregnancy. If you decide on adoption, we can help you make an adoption plan.

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Abortion Information
Equip yourself

Although we don’t provide or refer for abortion, we can give you everything you need to make a fully informed choice. Read on to educate yourself about the procedure.

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Pregnancy Support
Community Referrals

We are connected with a number of local organizations in Anchorage. If you’re pregnant we can connect you with other resources, whether it’s assistance with housing, family challenges, or other situations.

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Post-Abortion Recovery

Are you experiencing emotional pain after a past abortion? Our center offers confidential, compassionate support designed to help women and men work through these feelings.

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Earn While You Learn

Earn While You Learn lets you to learn what to expect in your pregnancy or parenting journey with an experienced coach. For each session, you can receive free baby clothes and other baby items.

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Male Coaching
Questions about this new pregnancy?

We have both pregnancy counseling and classes available for guys. By pairing you with an experienced male coach, you can learn more about how you can support your partner and your family.

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