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Thinking of taking a cruise but you’re pregnant?

Are you are dreaming of warmer weather? Looking to take a cruise but you’re pregnant? If you just found out you are pregnant, you may be wondering if that limits your options. We have another blog-post flying while pregnant with tips for airline travel and as of this writing, airline travel has few limitations for pregnant travelers.

Most cruise ships have limitations for pregnant travelers 

  • Most cruise lines will only permit travel up to 23 weeks of pregnancy
  • May require a letter from your medical provider showing your due date and that you and baby are deemed healthy for travel.
  • Some cruise lines require a proof of pregnancy by ultrasound to confirm your dates.  If you are unable to get an ultrasound at your usual medical provider, call our center at a call a t 907-337-9292 or request an appointment online and ask about getting a free pregnancy confirmation by ultrasound from one of our nurses. Visit our ultrasound page to learn more information.

Things to do before traveling:

  • Discuss with your provider/doctor your vacation destination to see if there are any pregnancy health risks or protocols you need to consider prior to arrival.
  • Check on the status of the COVID response of your destination, or the risk for Zika virus.  Princess Cruises has some helpful information about Zika virus and has links to the CDC’s recommendations for pregnancy and Zika virus.
  • Wondering about using sunscreen and insect repellant? They are most effective if you apply the sunscreen first, and then the insect repellant? The CDC has lots of good mosquito tips!

With our pregnancy center being in Alaska, we don’t have Zika virus, our COVID response is good, and travel requirements are very clearly stated. This is a great time to visit Alaska but you would have to travel by air as cruise ships are not booking for 2021. See you soon!

Check the links below for a few of the popular cruise lines.  If your cruise line is not listed, simply type “Cruise line name Pregnancy Policy” in your search engine.

You may travel up to the end of your 23rd week. Check out their website for more information.
You may travel up to the end of your 23rd week. Visit the Disney Cruise line  website for more information.
You may travel up to the end of your 23rd week, and will require documentation from your medical provider. Visit their website to learn more.

Looking to talk to someone about your upcoming vacation? Or about your pregnancy?