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Could I be pregnant? My period is late!

My period is late. Am I pregnant?  Maybe.  But maybe not.  Taking a urine pregnancy test is a good first step towards finding an answer.  We offer free pregnancy tests and are open Monday through Friday.  Pregnancy tests are also available in pharmacies and grocery stores and shouldn’t cost more than six or seven dollars.  If you don’t want to do it yourself, give us a call.  We keep everything confidential.

Can a late period be something other than pregnancy?  Yes.  Female cycles can be delayed for many everyday reasons such as stress, shift work, weight changes, or starting a more intense exercise program.37 When a period is late, we often first think of pregnancy, but being a bit late is quite commonThere are other health conditions such as PCOS or thyroid conditions that may cause irregular periods and you could discuss this with your doctor if your periods are often late.38  If you don’t already have a medical provider, or do not have insurance, we can provide referrals to a local clinic. Make an appointment with one of our nurses to learn about local health care options. All of our services are free of charge.

If I am pregnant, what are my options? Your options include carrying through with the pregnancy and either parenting the baby or making an adoption plan; or ending the pregnancy through abortion.  Making these kinds of choices is hard.  We are here to help by providing the information you need.  In addition to our free pregnancy tests, we offer free first trimester ultrasounds to confirm the pregnancy and help you figure out how far along you are.

Are you feeling confused? Afraid? Alone? Someone can talk to you 24/7 at the call line.  If you live in Anchorage, come over to our center to talk over your situation and explore your options.  You can bring a support person, or come by yourself.  Everything is confidential.  You are not alone.

If you do not live in Alaska, will help you find a pregnancy resource center near you.

Looking for support, answers, or to find out if you’re pregnant? Make an appointment today!