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How do I know if she is pregnant?

Are you wondering if she is pregnant? Did your girlfriend miss her period?  Is she emotional? Or does she feel bloated, nauseous and complain of morning sickness? Are you starting to panic? We are here for you.  Both of you.

The symptoms she is suffering from could be signs of pregnancy, but they can be caused by other things as well.  To be certain she is pregnant, arrange for a urine pregnancy test, followed by an ultrasound.  Both of these are offered free of charge at the CPC.  The third way to confirm a pregnancy is to have a blood test.  Blood tests are available at medical offices, but they will usually do the less expensive urine test first.

Before you keep reading about urine tests, blood tests and ultrasounds, pause a moment and check to see how you are doing…do you need another man to talk to?

We have guys available here at the CPC to answer your questions about making pregnancy decisions, telling your parents, working on relationships or planning for a baby.  Call today and ask for a one-on-one men’s mentoring session which is apart of our guys program.

Now, let’s look at the three ways of confirming a pregnancy:

  • a urine test
  • a blood test
  • an ultrasound (sometimes called a sonogram)

First way to confirm a pregnancy:

Take a urine tests. They are the easiest and fastest way to find out if someone is pregnant.  We do free pregnancy tests at the CPC, and DIY home urine pregnancy tests are also available in most grocery stores and drug stores for $10 or less.  With a positive result, your girlfriend or wife is probably pregnant.  If the test is negative, you will need to wait a few days and try again before you can be certain she isn’t pregnant.

Are you uncertain you are reading the test correctly, or think you may have an inaccurate result, call to speak to one of our nurses. We can arrange to have a urine pregnancy test done free of charge at our center.  All of our services are FREE, confidential, and since we don’t bill insurance, nobody will know you came to see us.

Second way to confirm a pregnancy:

Get an ultrasound performed. Ultrasounds are usually done 4-5 weeks after the baby is conceived, and most people don’t want to wait that long, so the urine test is usually done first.  One of our nurses can help you plan a date for your ultrasound appointment by asking you or your girlfriend/wife a few questions either on the phone or at a pregnancy test appointment. Also learn more about ultrasounds by visiting our blog.

Third way to confirm a pregnancy:

To have a blood test done at a medical clinic or emergency room. CPC does not offer this service. A urine test is usually done first, followed by the blood test to measure the exact amount of pregnancy hormones.  Knowing the exact amount of pregnancy hormones helps the medical staff to know how far along the woman is in her pregnancy. They usually take another blood test a few days later and look for a rising hormone level which will indicate a healthy pregnancy (vs. a miscarriage).

Waiting to find out if she is pregnant can be a stressful situation.  Remember that we are here for both of you.

Guys make an appointment to find out find for sure!